January 14, 2018

July 27, 2017

Ahh, what can I say about these two beautiful people?! Aditi + Ed are those people that bring life to a party. They are just downright funny, their witty back and forth banter is what keeps lifelong marriages full of adventure and fun, and their LOVE for one another can be seen just by the way they look at one another.

When Aditi + Ed pulled up to Quail Hill Hiking Trails for their engagement session, they were sweet, funny and SO friendly right off the bat. They introduced themselves and told me they brought a picnic and some WINE! (Can we be BFFs already please?!) Aditi was glowing and giggly and Ed, quiet and calm; the perfect pair. We set up a picnic, and began our little photographic adventure. Aditi pulled out two stuffed llamas, one tan and one white, and a bottle of wine with a llama on it. She was all smiles and giggles when I asked her what llamas meant to them. She said that her and Ed’s little inside joke was they used to call each other “lame” or say “you’re so lame.” Lame, llama…get it….get it?!! (I thought it was seriously cute and started laughing with them!) I absolutely ADORE it when couples have inside jokes! I think it’s just the sweetest! 

Throughout the entire session, Ed and Aditi were so playful and giggly! They had my cheeks hurting from smiling the WHOLE time! We had so much fun chatting about their travels to different countries and also the trips we had in common. Their love for adventure has them traveling to BALI for their destination wedding next Spring!!! 

Aditi + Ed, you two are the reason why I love what I do. The love you have for one another is so special. It inspires me every time I look at your photos. Thank you for letting me document a little bit of your love story. I wish you all the best! Cheers to a lifetime of love and laughter!

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