January 14, 2018

August 1, 2017

What better way to celebrate your FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY than with a photo session?! You get to dress up, get you hair and makeup done, and go over all the special memories of the day you married the love of your life!

I’ve known Melissa for six years now. We used to work together when I was a corporate Interior Designer. I remember when she started dating Frank. They met through an online dating site. Their first date was the same week as her birthday, which is on Cinco De Mayo. So, what better way to win over a LOVE interest than with a live Mariachi band to serenade you at work!!! (Cue the ahhhhhh’s and then the side eye over to your partner for not being this romantic and thoughtful…just kidding hunny, I still love you). Fast forward 2.5 years of dating, Melissa and Frank took a romantictrip to Yosemite where Frank SURPRISED Melissa with a proposal! Frank originally wanted to propose in Sequoia because one of Melissa’s profile photos from the dating site that caught his eye was taken in Sequoia National Park. There was a fire in Sequoia at the time so he found a trail in Yosemite, full of Sequoia trees to propose to the love of his life!!! Ahhhhh, swooon! Melissa + Frank’s love for the outdoors and wild adventures, mixed with their absolute LOVE for food (a couple after my own heart) make the two of them perfect for one another. During their session. their giggles and talks about their favorite foods had me smiling. 

Frank + Melissa are about to celebrate their ONE YEAR WEDDING anniversary this month! Congratulations you two on your first year as husband and wife, and cheers to a hundred more! I wish you continued happiness, love, and delicious meals. 


Florals | Megan Brynes // Lovestruck Blooms    

MUA | Aubri Marquez

Hair | Christine Hardaway // OC Hair Artistry                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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