Thomas Riley Wilderness // FAMILY SESSION

January 14, 2018

July 20, 2017

I feel so honored to have been able to capture some special moments for this beautiful family!

Krista contacted me regarding a family session, stating that she, being a photographer herself, was never in any of the photos with her kids (ahem, sounds very familiar!). She had seen my work from a photography group we are both apart of. When Krista first booked, she thought it would just be her and her two little ones, Zach (Zackie) and Gemma. But session day came, and her husband Dean wanted to join in on the fun! I’m so glad he did because it made the family dynamic complete.

When this cute family pulled up to Thomas Riley Wilderness and got out of their car, BIG smiles welcomed me. Zachie and Gemma were dressed to perfection as well as their mom and dad! The little ones were such dolls and SO well behaved!  Gemma instantly loved the camera and older brother Zachie was such a silly goofball; yet so loving with his little sister. The special bond that mom and dad has with each child was so adorable to capture.

I loved how Gemma and Krista got a few quiet moments to themselves while Dean and Zachie were off exploring and jumping over logs. I also loved watching Dean bond with Gemma with that special and unique father-daughter bond. Zachie loved being silly with his mom, but also showed his sweet, loving personality too! The little ones were such troopers with the 100 degree weather and enjoyed hiking and exploring the trails of the wilderness park. Krista and I bonded over photography, kids and love of chocolate cake (well, kids THAT love chocolate cake!). 

Krista, Dean, Zach and Gemma, thank you for letting me be a part of your special memories! You guys are so awesome and I had so much fun documenting the sweet bond you all have with one another.

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