Brittany // Santiago Oaks Park Maternity Session in Orange County

April 27, 2018

Hand in hand, he led her. Safely. Calmly. With protecting arms he held her. The sun was golden, peaking through the spring rain clouds. The grass, green. The soil, damp. The perfect setting for a beautiful Southern California maternity session. 

Santiago Oaks Park was truly a perfect setting for a maternity session. The lush hiking trails were almost completely destroyed in a wild fire that swept across the area just five months prior to our session. Almost all the trails were still closed due to the destruction. Only two trails were open that day. I arrived a little early, like I typically like to do, to walk the main open trail. The new growth making its way through the burnt grass and trees was breathtaking. Such a beautiful metaphor of a location for a maternity session. The vibrant greens of moss, ivy and clovers, contrasting the blackened charred oak trees was absolutely stunning. It was sad to see how much damage the fire did but also so beautiful to see the rebirth of the foliage. 

Brittany and Nick, the sweet and beautiful parents-to-be, arrived at Santiago Oaks Park and were just beaming with excitement! They’re expecting a precious little girl next month! We made our way along the open trail. A few times we ventured off the trail, under the ropes of the closed off area to capture the beauty of the wilderness park. Brittany and I bonded over the fun of shopping for girls, and Nick shared his love of aquariums. He grows coral in a gorgeous tank for a hobby! So cool! 

I love getting to know my clients and hearing about how they met. When Brittany and Nick shared their story, I got goosebumps! Brittany and Nick actually have known one another since childhood! Their parents were great friends and Brittany and Nick carpooled to elementary school together. They didn’t start dating until much later though. Now their love story continues with a new chapter; a precious little baby on the way! 

Brittany and Nick, I’m so excited for you both! Your little girl is going to be gorgeous and so lucky to have you as her parents. I absolutely loved meeting you and wish you the best on the new journey of parenthood. Congratulations! 

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