Love Times Three

April 10, 2018

Here we are. My sisters and I. Triplets. Looking back on these photos brings me so much happiness. These treasured photographs have stood the test of almost 33 years. We don’t have thousands of photos like I do of my kids but the photos I do have of my sisters and I are priceless. Having these tangible prints within a simple white, 3 ring binder will forever be one of the most valuable things I own. 

We’ve grown up as the best friends. Shared toys. Shared the same room. Shared clothes, makeup, friends. Shared lots of arguments and even more laughs. The memories we have together are endless. I love how we are only a short drive away from one another, how we FaceTime each other randomly, making silly faces at one another, and how we send food pictures to one another of almost every meal we eat. I love you sissies, forever and ever. 

My beautiful momma with my sisters and me.


Us with grandma!


I absolutely adore this image! My sisters and me with our GREAT grandparents!


Below are a few more baby pictures of the three of us.

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