January 14, 2018

October 23, 2017

Fall had just officially started. Yet, the weather still wanted it to be summer. The sun was hot. The leaves, starting to change. Out walked the Pacheco family, from their car that was parked next to mine. The dirt parking lot of Thomas Riley Wilderness park was abuzz from all the families excitedly starting their own family session. But, the biggest smiles belonged to the Pacheco family.

Swish, swish. Sway, sway. Swish, swish. Sway, sway. Laughter and giggles soon followed. Little Camila, twirling with her dad. As I stood back to capture the cutest daddy/daughter moment, my heart melted. These precious moments that can only be captured with a click of shutter. These moments, preserved. These moments, forever cherished. Because time is fleeting. Little Camila will soon grow older, along with her brothers, Nicholas and Mariano Jr. 

Family sessions are so fun and full of energy! I love meeting new families and capturing their uniqueness. Paola, and her husband Mariano Sr.’s love for their children is so apparent! The way Paola lovingly hugs Camila, Nicholas and Mariano Jr. The way Mariano Sr. has special handshakes with each one of his sons, and dances with his little girl. All these wonderful moments remind me of how each family is so beautiful in their own way. We had so much venturing around the wilderness park. The Pacheco’s were such troopers with the heat, all the flying bugs and even the seasonal allergies! We laughed, joked, chatted. It was such a fun session!

Pacheco family, I had so much fun spending time with you all! It was so nice being able to learn a little something special about each one of you. Thank you for allowing me to capture some wonderful memories for you that you can cherish for years and years to come!