January 14, 2018

November 2, 2017

The tide, low. The sun, warm. The ocean, sparkling like a bed of jewels. The absolute epitome of a beautiful sunny Southern California day at Little Corona Del Mar Beach. As we approached the Mauch family, we were greeted like friends. Because, the Mauch family are our friends. It was truly a special family session, one that was in the works for a couple of months.  David, Angela and baby Hudson live a few hours north of Orange County. My husband grew up with David. They were childhood friends. We met Angela, David’s wife, a few times and just feel in love with her sweet nature. When little Hudson was born, we were over the moon for Angela and David. It wasn’t until this session that we were finally able to introduce our kids!

Step, step, giggle. The soft sand beneath chubby baby toes were imprinted with laughter and love as the Mauch family held Hudson’s little hands; helping him walk along the wave swept beach. Giggles, giggles and more baby giggles. The whole session, baby Hudson was smiling and giggling. The happiest little baby ever! He loved being cuddled by mommy and daddy. As the sun set lower in the golden sky, the love for baby Hudson shined brighter and brighter. The love the Mauch family has for Hudson was so beautiful to document! 

Mauch family, I am so honored to be your lifelong friends as well as being able to document some special memories for you! We had so much fun hanging out with you, watching Hudson play with Liam and Londyn, and catching up on life. We wish we were closer to see you more often but am so thankful for the friendship we share. We look forward to our little ones, growing up as the next generation of friends. xoxo!

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