KEY TO MY HEART // Mother’s day

January 14, 2018

May 14, 2017

The indescribable, unexplainable, soul tingling, heart overflowing, kind of love. This is the kind of love I have for these three beings. These three beings are what make me tick. They are my world. My motivation. My comfort. My happiness. My peace. They hold the key to my heart. These are the faces that literally make my world go round. Becoming a mom is the single greatest gift I’ve ever received. I’m sure other moms can relate to the amount of undefinable words there are to describe the joy and love you feel when holding your baby for the first time. Hearing their first cry. Seeing their first smile. Their first bath. Their first taste of real food. Their first words. Their first steps. The love is overwhelming.

I’ve noticed lately that I tend to linger longer after Londyn falls asleep, especially at nap time. I just stare at her sweet little face with those pouty lips and cute button nose. And when I know she’s fast asleep, I go in for a cuddle. I nuzzle her neck and take in a deep breath of her baby scented hair. I then rush to go soak in a quiet moment with Liam. His napping days are sure to be over soon. I stare at this seemingly giant child who’s taken over my tiny little first newborn. Sure, there are days that are not perfect. Days I want to rip my hair out. But the moments that are filled with pure love and happiness far outweigh any tantrum, fussy, cranky filled day. I love every, single, moment. The silly chasing after each other turned screaming match, moments. The wanting to help pour a glass of milk turned full house mopping, moments. The waking each other from nap turned sweetest soothing sesh, moments. And every other moment in between.

One of my biggest regrets is not photographing my little ones more when they were newborns. I wish I could go back in time. Sure, I have a ton of fuzzy, Instagram filtered, iphone photos. But boy do I wish I had taken more proper digitals. I’m definitely making up for lost time. This was one of the first sessions I took of my husband and my little ones. He seems to think he has no photos with our kids…ummm hmmm (insert eye roll emoji here). This session means so much to me though. These images show that even the sweetest, simplest moments will remain in our hearts and linger in our minds for all time. It shows Liam’s adventurous, sweet, protective nature. It shows Londyn’s budding, independent curiosity and her overwhelming love for her brother. And then there’s my husband. The glue that holds us together. Fatherhood never looked better. 

So, although today is Mother’s Day, I would like to dedicate today to these three. They are my definition of motherhood.

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