January 14, 2018

June 9, 2017

Who doesn’t love a squishy, adorable, sweet NEWBORN! Everyone meet baby Drew. Drew, meet the world! 

When Nicole inquired about a whole first year package, (not gonna lie) I was over the moon! I was so excited about the idea of meeting a family and their soon-to-be newborn, and being able to capture special moments as this beautiful family grows. I mean, how amazing is that?? Nicole and I became Facebook friends so I could see when her second baby boy would arrive. I got a message that baby Drew was born and was so excited to finally meet this adorable family in real life!

I arrived to the Bray Family’s beautiful San Clemente home and was greeted by Nicole,  this beautiful new mother of two. Nicole introduced me to her first born, little Dean (what a cute name, right?!) and husband, Dan (the ‘D’ names got me a little tongue tied at first but I quickly got them straight.) Big brother Dean was so adorable and so full of energy! Nicole then introduced me to NEW BABY Drew! Baby fever definitely hit me hard when I saw him. Drew was only 17 days new, and adorable as can be! Nicole and Dan were so real and down to earth, and their precious boys were SO cute!

Big brother Dean gave his new baby brother some cuddles and kisses and was off to play, while mommy and daddy got to soak in some sweet precious moments with their new bundle of love. We started with some photos in the master, made our way to their gorgeous living area with an abundance of natural, warm sunlight (a photographer’s dream!) and then off to baby Drew’s nursery. And let me tell you (well, I’ll show you…) how adorable little Drew’s nursery is. From the simple and modern gray crib, to the custom marquee sign and super hero art, down to the beautiful gray braided rug ( I’m a HUGE fan of grays, can you tell?!), this little nursery had it all! We ended the session with soft, sweet, quiet moments of just Nicole and baby Drew. I simply ADORE newborn lifestyle sessions! 

Nicole and Dan, thank you for allowing me into your home to capture some amazing memories of your sweet, growing family! I look forward to seeing you all again!

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