Baby Miles // Sunny Oceanside, In-Home Lifestyle Newborn session

June 19, 2018

When Kelsey reached out to me for a newborn session, I was over the moon! Kelsey and I  studied Interior Architectural Design together at Cal State University, Long Beach (woot, woot!). We were in the same Design studio and graduated together 8 years ago! Ahhh, all the memories of all nighters, project presentations and surviving Senior Thesis, came flooding back to me. It was truly an unforgettable time and we had so much!

I arrived at Kelsey’s Oceanside home and she and her husband Ryan, who I also went to college with (he was in the Industrial Design program and that’s how he and Kelsey met! SO cute, right?!) welcomed me with huge smiles and big hugs! It was so amazing to see my friends after so many years. Ryan and Kelsey showed me around their beautifully designed home and introduced me to their brand new sleeping baby, Miles. He was so tiny and just cute as can be! 

We started taking photos in the living room. As I walked across the living room to get a wide shot, I hear Ryan and Kelsey whisper to one another “I love you,” as they went in for a kiss. It was seriously one of the sweetest moments, and touched my heart. I could feel how much they love each other and baby Miles. Lifestyle sessions are so intimate and beautiful, especially a newborn session. The new parents are beaming with joy and love. It is truly an honor to be able to be there to document such a beautiful life event.

Kelsey and Ryan, the love you two have for one another can literally be felt. Baby Miles is so blessed to have such loving parents. Thank you so much for welcoming me into your home to photograph this special time in your lives. They grow SO quickly and it was an honor to be stop time to create these memories for you. Parenthood can be challenging at times, but oh, sooo worth it! 

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