Carmen + Henry // Romantic Fairytale, Laguna Beach Engagment Session

February 28, 2018

The narrow, unmarked pathway. The cobblestone wall. The cool, misty sea breeze, meandering through the rocky cliffs and gorgeous homes. I reached the soft sand and saw the magical beach before me. The beach that everyone knew with the romantic fairy-tale tower. Victoria Beach. The perfect setting for an engagement session for a beautiful couple. 

Carmen and Henry arrived looking amazing for their engagement session in Laguna Beach! We re-lived their proposal story and reminisced about how they met. Henry proposed to Carmen in Paris! The most romantic place in the world! Carmen and Henry giggled and laughed about how nervous Henry was when he got down on one knee to ask Carmen to marry him. He was so nervous he broke the ring box! We proceeded to take some photos on the rocks by the water. The tide was low and the sun, golden. We walked around the tall cliff side and there it was. The magical, beautiful, whimsical, lighthouse tower. It was if the tower jumped out of a fairy-tale novel and implanted itself into the cliff side. During the session, Henry and Carmen were so into one another, grinning from ear to ear and giggling constantly. Their delicate love for one another reflected their sweet, gentle nature. They shared how their birthdays are only one day apart. Each year they take a trip somewhere special to celebrate together! We ended the engagement session with a playful and romantic walk along the water. 

Carmen and Henry, you two are just so sweet and the love you have for one another is truly special! I loved watching the way you look at one another with so much kindness and love. Thank you for allowing me to capture some memories before you become husband and wife. I’m so excited and looking forward to your wedding day! 

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