January 14, 2018

November 20, 2017

When I walked down the hill to Little Corona Beach, I saw Breannah and her husband, Tyler, with their cute little pup, Jack, my heart melted! Breannah and Tyler were dressed to perfection and Jack, the cutest little accessory. I already knew this maternity session was going to be so much fun! The sun added the perfect sun-kissed backdrop to the beautiful, glowing momma-to-be. 

The waves, mellow. The tide, low. The sun, slowly setting into the glittering water. Giggling and splashing, and giggling some more. Breannah with her adorable baby bump, playfully kicking the refreshing ocean water at Tyler. Tyler, returning the playful gesture. Tyler, gently pulls Breannah in for a loving kiss and that moment is pure magic. The two parents-to-be are so full of love for one another. It’s so apparent that their little girl will be so loved. She’s already so loved. Little Saylor Rose ( how gorgeous is that name?!) and her pup brother, Jack, are going to have so much fun together! Jack was so calm and the perfect little pup during this gorgeous maternity session. He is going to make one awesome pup brother!

Breannah and Tyler, it was such a fun afternoon getting to know you both. I absolutely adore maternity sessions and you two are one of the reasons why! The love you have for one another, for Saylor, as well as Jack, was so beautiful to watch and document. I can’t wait to meet baby girl Saylor, and capture more memories for you! Wishing you all the best! 

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