January 14, 2018

December 12, 2017

The romantic misty coastal fog, still lingering. The air, salty and crisp. My heart thumping to the beat of my footsteps. I turn at the bend and there they are. Try to keep up. Not too close. She looks over her shoulder. I turn the other way. One, two, three. Turn back around. Try to keep up. Not too close. There’s the spot we talked about. The lookout on the cliff, overlooking the mysteriously alluring ocean. Wait for it. There he goes. Fight the tears. Oh, so romantic!

David contacted me about capturing the surprise proposal he had been planning for his girlfriend, Stephanie. I was so excited to be apart of his romantic plan! David and I scoped out hiking trails at Crystal Cove. We were in search of a particular trail that David and Stephanie had seen from a nearby golf course. David and I went on separate occasions, taking photos, jotting down notes, and relaying the information to one another. I felt like a private detective. A secret agent of love. 

I saw David and Stephanie pull into the parking lot at the trail head. I waited for them to start their hike. As I followed behind at a good distance, I documented their journey along the way. I truly felt like a spy. They stopped a few times to admire the view. At a couple points throughout the hike, Stephanie looked back and I turned the other way, pretending to document the foliage and wildlife. When we reached the lookout, I watched from the corner of my eye, documenting the special moments leading up to David getting down on one knee. Stephanie turned back and saw me! I pretended to take photos of the cliffs and beach below. When David finally got down on one knee to propose, I had to fight back my tears. I’m such a hopeless romantic! Stephanie’s reaction was the absolute best! I gave them some time after David proposed to hug, cry, kiss, and soak in the moment. I then went to congratulate the sweet couple! 

Stephanie and David, I’m so honored to have captured this amazing milestone in your lives. You two are so perfect for one another! The love you have can be seen in your eyes. You two are just the sweetest and I wish you all the happiness and love on your adventure to becoming husband and wife! 

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